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These delicious “other than grape” wines are made from various fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, plums, apples, peaches, elderberries, cantaloupes, and many others. The goal at Hill Top is to honor and preserve the fruit’s natural flavor well enough that you can identify each fruit when you taste the wine.

Blue Heeler

Our faithful customers remember the friendly canine greeter who inspired this delicious, very dry blueberry wine. The traditional red drinker will love it!

Virginia Blackberry Wine

This semi-dry wine is made from our hand-picked blackberries which are then frozen before we crush them. Pairs with red meats, Mexican and Italian foods.

Virginia Raspberry

Made from premium red raspberries, this semi-sweet wine will be the feature of any occasion. Pairs with grilled salmon, fresh salad greens, or even chocolate.

Sweet Vixen

Your nose will tell you what is in store for your palate! This is intensely strawberry and absolutely delicious. Pairs with dinner or dessert. Go Sweet!

Mountain Apple

This semi-sweet apple wine is made from a blend of local apple varieties and is the perfect cheese and crackers wine. Makes great mulled wine and pairs well with pork.

Sweet Cherry

Made from black Bing cherries, this sweet cherry wine is smooth and luxurious! Pair it with dark chocolate to delight your senses.

Sweet Melon

Our cantaloupe wine is the best summer time sipping wine! Take it on a picnic, pair it with fried chicken or country ham. Rim your glass with salt and make a Melo-Rita!

Jacked Up

Very unique fruit wine made from local Nelson County apples and jalapeno peppers.  The flavor of the apples is first and foremost when it hits your tongue with a slow flavorful jalapeno heat that creeps in, without being too spicy.  It is literally just right! 

Madison Peach Sangria

This bottled sangria is made from peaches and a blend of other fruits for additional flavor. Can be served over ice. A portion of the proceeds benefits The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

Little Heeler

Also inspired by man’s best friend, this decadent dessert wine is sweet and made from fresh blueberries. Enjoy it with cheesecake, pound cake, or chocolate. Fifty cents from every bottle of Little Heeler is donated to The Mosby Foundation.

Blackberry Delight

This handcrafted sweet blackberry wine is great to sip on after dinner; also complements a rich chocolate dessert or cheesecake. Great with homemade fudge!

Cranberry Table Wine

Hold on to your taste buds! This tart wine is perfectly paired with turkey, chicken, or pork. Try it in cosmopolitan, spritzer, or cranberry lemonade.

Plum Crazy

This non-traditional plum wine is slightly sweet rather than very sweet but it still pairs well with oriental or Asian-inspired dishes. Try it with Old Bay spiced shrimp!

Virginia Peach Wine

This ” front porch” wine is like biting into a ripe, juicy peach that drips off your chin, just no pit or fuzz! This delicate sipping wine pairs well with seafood.

Perfect Pear

The name says it all! Slightly sweet pear wine. Pair it with bleu cheese or pork. Enjoy!

Lake Life Sangria

This is a bottled pear sangria released to celebrate the opening of our Buggs Island tasting room in Clarksville, VA. It is pear based with other fruits added.

Smart Ass

Our newest release, in tribute to our lovable Hill Top donkeys, our new mead aptly named “Smart Ass” has the aroma of fresh brewed coffee which follows through on your tongue with a balanced sweetness. Roasted coffee beans and our local wildflower honey are combined together from the beginning to develop flavors that increasingly grow and compliment each other as they ferment.

Jolly Llamas

Potato wine that is sweet, floral, slightly earthy, unique, and delicious! Makes great cocktails! Try mixing it with crushed strawberries and basil!


Hill Top specializes in authentic honey mead, an ancient alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. Join us for a tasting and step back in time as you savor the drink of ancient civilizations while learning about the history of each mead and how we recreate them. 


The drink of the Vikings and the Celts, mead is fermented honey and is the oldest alcoholic beverage. 5th centaury Irish monk, St Finnian, paired it with salmon. Ancient cultures associated mead with love, sex, poetry and health. The best part is, it tastes delicious.


A delicious, floral, off-dry mead appropriately named because it is made from raw clover honey fermented with the addition of pure bee pollen. A portion of the proceeds benefit the North American Butterfly Association.


The drink of the Romans, pyment, is made from grapes and honey fermented together. Ours is sweet and made from Concord grapes and clover honey.

Dragon’s Breath

Unique mead made from hickory-smoked hot peppers and honey. Slight heat with lots of flavors, this will be your new favorite cookout wine. Try it in Bloody Mary mix!


This is a semi-dry mead made from jasmine flowers and matcha tea fermented with honey. It is slightly floral, crisp and is made to be paired with a nice sushi platter.

Tiger’s Eye

This mead is made from dried red hibiscus flowers which gives it a mild tartness to balance the residual sweetness. The flowers give this mead a beautiful blush!

Hunter’s Moon

Our spiced pumpkin mead is just the trick to treat your taste buds! It is pumpkin pie in a glass and available throughout the year, not just in the fall.


This Pawpaw mead is made from wild native Virginia pawpaws and honey. It is light, slightly sweet with tropical fruit notes.


This traditional mead is made from wildflower honey. The Spanish word for “wild” is also in recognition of the Andean Bear on the label. A portion of the proceeds from this mead will be donated to SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction). Released in 2021.


Blood oranges and orange blossom honey ferment to make this exceptional, unique, flavorful orange melomel.

Pounding Branch Persimmon

This delicious, handcrafted, mead is made from wild foraged, native Virginia persimmons. Light and just slightly sweet, it pairs well with smoked meats and cheeses. This is truly mead perfection and we love sharing this unique drink with you.


Dry mead made from dark, Zambian wildflower honey. It has notes of toffee, vanilla and bourbon. Made from fair trade, organic honey from wild African Honey Bees.


Cyser is apple mead. Once served at Anglo-Saxon feasts, this ancient drink still pleases the modern day wine drinker. Pair with smoked meat and cheeses.


Popular in the British Isles for centuries, this is pear mead. Ours is a dessert style and pairs with dishes containing spices like ginger, cinnamon, or nutmeg.

Dragon’s Blood

This rich, pomegranate melomel pairs with grilled or smoked foods, red meat, and even chocolate. It is delicious, slightly sweet, and tart.

Jolly Dragon

This is another unique, handcrafted mead made from hickory-smoked hot peppers, honey, and blackberries. Like pepper jelly, pair it with cream cheese and crackers.


This is a type of mead known as Rhodomel, made from our own farm-grown rose petals and honey. It is full-bodied, fragrant, and delicious. What a bouquet!

Lavender Metheglin

Derived from the Welsh word Meddyglyn, meaning healing drink, this herbal mead is sure to sooth your cares away. Pairs with lamb, duck, shortbread or put it in hot tea.

Mulberry Morat

Morat is mulberry mead. It is rose in color with a beautiful honey nose. So delicious and pleasant it will bring a smile to your lips!


This mead is made from orange blossom honey and is both a customer and staff favorite.  It’s slightly sweet and absolutely represents the orange grove that the busy little honey bees were pollinating!


This apricot and fig mead is newly released.

Nectarine Melomel

The perfect blend of nectarines and honey! This magical balance of flavors is a true delight. Every sip makes you want another! Pair with wings, spicy foods, baked brie or just drink it!


“Be prepared to try a few new flavors of wine/mead like peaches, apple, pear, and even jalapeño peppers and cayenne pepper.”

Catie G., Yelp Review

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