Hill Top has a wine club! Here is how it works: In keeping with our historical theme, and since we always treat you like royalty anyway, it is called Hill Top Monarchs Club. You have to buy one of our Hill Top T-shirts (or logo hats) which are available in several styles.  T-shirts cost between $20 and $25 depending on your choice. You have to wear your shirt or hat to benefit. When you wear your shirt to the winery, you will receive a 10% discount on wine bottle purchases. Your admission fee will be waived if you wear your shirt to our Annual Blackberry Harvest and Music Festival on the first Saturday of August and your admission will be waived when you wear your shirt to Sweet Hearts Weekend in February. When you wear your shirt to any of the wine festivals we attend, you will also get 10% off of bottle purchases at festivals.

The shirts and hats are already worth what you pay for them but the true value will be in how much you chose to use them until you finally wear them out on down the road! We will also ship our shirts. It does cost $5 to ship a shirt by UPS. Thanks everybody!